Kauai Massage & Holistic Therapies

Kauai Holistics  provides exceptional massage and one of a kind custom integrative therapies to those in need of relaxation and healing. 

With 24 years experience in Massage and the Healing Arts, We specialize in helping others improve their health through Bodywork, Kinesiology, and Nutrition. Our holistic approach to health looks at the WHOLE BODY, the physical, mental and emotional.  We are passionate about helping others achieve optimum health and well being. We invite you to take your health to the next level. Experience a transformation in your body and mind.



Our office is located on the East side of Kauai near Wailua




Fabulous neck/shoulder release massage!

I received my first massage on the beach in Kapaa over a year ago and I've continued my treatments weekly/bi-weekly with Angelique to the present for maintenance. I've received massages for over 30 years and her neck/shoulder massage are superior to what I've experienced in my past. I have a raw, high vibe diet and chose to have someone who also maintains a high vibe diet, which is integral to the entire process for me. I've learned a lot about nutrition since spending time w/ Angel in my sessions and her juicing encouraged me to get involved in juicing, herbs and essential oils. My whole life has changed and I feel great - no health issues, just maintenance! You'll enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and leave your body, if you're lucky like me ... I recommend her services to everyone, friends and island visitors :-)

Cindy,  Kauai

"Angelique is a health guru goddess. You will be beyond happy with any service you get from her. She has helped heal my 17 year old daughter's digestive issues when hospitals and doctors couldn't help her. She gives amazing massages also. My daughter seriously calls her a health guru."

Rebekah, California

"Angelique is absolutely amazing. I was in Kauai for a week and saw her twice and can't wait to get back there (would fly there from CA just to see Angelique- seriously). I've had chronic back problems for ages and she was able to relieve my pain and make long lasting changes with just two massages. Would highly, highly recommend her."




Manda, California

"As a massage therapist myself, I put effort into researching the best therapists wherever I go.

We travel to Kauai often to unwind and rejuvenate so massage is always an important part of our experience.  I got referred to Angelique from some friends, and I am so happy!  She is extremely knowledgeable and has all sorts of techniques up her sleeves - like structural integration, muscle testing - yet she understands the importance of the feel good aspect of the massage too.  She worked on me and my husband the morning before we got married and then again on our anniversary.  Now, she is a part of our Kauai experience.  Thanks Angelique!"


Jenny, California

Through her expert testing, Angelique was able to quickly identify toxins that had been causing poor digestion, allergies and asthma. Once eliminated from diet and topical use, symptoms I've been living with for years are disappearing! Her knowledgeable advice is sweetly offered and easy to apply. So grateful to have her in my life :)

Dolly, Kauai

Dedicated Professional of Holistic Wellbeing

During my first session with Angelique, I recall saying to her that I knew I was in the hands of a true professional. Through continued visits, I learned more about how well versed she is in many holistic modalities and energy therapies. Kinesiology is a fascinating tool and she is exceptional with it. She is the real deal, A visit with Angelique is more than just a massage as she creates an overall environment for positive transformation with her art. I feel fortunate to have her at my side in the constant pursuit of optimal wellness. You will be glad you made an appointment with her.

Cindy, Kauai