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"My husband and I are regular travelers to Hanalei and the last 3 visits we have had Angelique come to see us to give us a massage/bodywork. She has vast knowledge for the body, especially as it pertains to us as athletes. We rarely ask for a relaxation massage (although I have no doubt that she would be exceptional at this as well) but rather need deep, therapeutic treatments. She is the best and certainly has the strong touch we request. From now on she is a regular part of our Kauai vacation."


Wanda, Washington

"In the summer of 2013, I began seeing Angelique for massage. I happen to be 66 years old and have spent a lifetime learning different martial arts and as a consequence, have also gotten hurt a lot.  When Angelique started to massage me, I could easily tell that she was/is a gifted practitioner.  She has helped me with structural issues I had been dealing with for years such as knee, hip and neck pain, that no other therapist could fix. I am amazed at the results I've experienced so far. Angelique is simply the best!"


Daryl, Hawaii

"Outstanding service!!! she came to our vacation home and gave me and my husband the most amazing massages ever. She has magic hands and obviously years of expertise!!!!!  thanks Angelique and we will see you on our next island getaway."


Sandy, Arizona

"I am an avid surfer and business owner and have had many professional massages for the past ten years. Having Angelique massage me is truly one of the best and healing massages I have ever had." 


Mike, Hawaii

"What I appreciate about Angelique is that she doesn’t view you as just another body to work on,  When it’s your time with her, she takes the time to listen to your concerns and then really looks at you to determine what really needs attention. It’s that sense of focus and thoughtfulness that make you realize she really cares about making you better. That is special."   


Lois, Hawaii

"As a 65 year old long distance runner, swimmer and kayaker, I get all sorts of tight and knotted muscles and sore tendons. Since being treated regularly by Angelique, the difference has been astounding. I just ran my fastest marathon in 12 years and did it pain-free.  She knows her stuff but, more importantly, listens and responds to my needs."


Kevin, Hawaii

"I get massages  with Angelique every 2 weeks. Her massages are very powerful, she knows exactly where work needs to be done. Not only do i feel a huge difference in my body but i could see a physical change after only a few months. I used to have a small bump at the bottom of my neck, where my spine met my back. With the body work Angelique has done, it completely went away.  She is the best!"    


Cory, Hawaii

"I’ve worked with Angelique for many years and throughout those years she has provided me with a variety of different healing techniques.  She has helped me address issues from my past with significant success, as well as align my body to its peak performance and provide very insightful nutritional information. Her knowledge is vast and extensive and she is always willing to share information or apply a variety of different healing techniques to help you overcome any issues or concerns you may have.  What I admire most about Angelique is her natural ability to read people and her willingness to want to help you without hesitation. Angelique has a special gift for healing not only the outside of your body but the inside as well. Anyone who has had or will have the opportunity to work with her is a very fortunate individual."


Kehaulani, Hawaii

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