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Touch For Health Kinesiology (TFHK)

Connect With Your Body's Wisdom & Restore Balance

Touch For Health Kinesiology (TFHK) is the most extensively used system of Kinesiology in the world.  TFHK focuses on all factors of health: Chemical/Nutritional, Emotional/Mental and Physical/Structural. Utilizing muscle testing as a form of biofeedback combined with Chinese Medicine Theory, Angelique of Kauai Holistics connects with your body's unique and innate wisdom to determine the best approach to restore balance. 

Schedule Your In-Office or Remote Session with Angelique to Take Your Health to the Next Level!
How Touch For Health Kinesiology Can Optimize Your Health

Because Kinesiology reveals your body's overall state of Chemical/Nutritional, Emotional/Mental and Physical/Structural balance, it's able to help a wide range of health issues. These may include stress, allergies and food sensitivities, nervous disorders, muscle, bone and joint pain, headaches, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, insomnia, and emotional challenges.


  • Identify nutritional deficiencies and/or intolerances

  • Reduce or eliminate pain 

  • Resolve emotional & mental stress

  • Accelerate recovery from injuries or illness

  • Prevent future health problems

  • Set Goals/Clear emotional blocks

  • Increase energy & reduce fatigue

Who Can Benefit From A TFHK Session?

Just about anyone can benefit from a TFHK session including infants, children, and your family pet(s). When working with infants or animals or people who are unable to be physically present due to illness, Angelique performs surrogate muscle testing and balancing.

Remote Kinesiology Sessions

Receive a personalized Kinesiology Body Reading Session over the phone. We will explore what the current state is of your major organs, discuss any current health challenges you may be experiencing as well as solutions to bring your body back to a balanced state. You will receive a customized program designed specifically to your body and what it needs to experience optimum health. 

Heal yourself, heal the planet. Receive a personalized Body Reading to discover what your body needs to take your health to the next level. We will address the health of your major organs, any current health challenges you may be experiencing and discuss any nutritional needs. You will receive a personalized program designed specifically for your body. 

What to Expect in a Session


An initial session will begin with an intake form and going over what you would like to address in your session. We will then proceed to ask your body a series of questions to identify what is the best option for you in terms of therapy.  In follow up sessions we will check in to see how your body is responding to the work and fine tune anything that needs to be addressed. 

A TFHK Session May Include:
  • Myofascial/Massage

  • Cranial Techniques

  • Acupuncture Meridian Therapies

  • Energy Medicine

  • Clinical Nutrition

  • Testing for Environmental and/or Food Sensitivities

90 Minutes - $144
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